A Tulsan Muse

28 08 2011

Subtle Shades photo of Katye

Normally when the Eleven 3 decides to make a model our group muse, there are certain characteristics we look for.

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French-Canadian & Italian

3 08 2011

Subtle Shades Photo of Jennifer Love

When you tell me someone is French-Canadian & Italian, I think of a person that is refined with proper etiquette, sexiness, and can tell me to go and “shove it” in such a way, I would believe it was pillow talk. Well…other than the pillow talk…we met such a beauty.

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LilyAvery – beauty in pose!

22 07 2011

Subtle Shades photo of Lisa in Home studio

All the way down from Tulsa, LilyAvery arrived with bright red hair and a set of beautiful eyes that can see straight through to the core of things. She is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

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Natural Beauty

7 07 2011

Subtle Shades photo of Katye among the rocks

I’ve met Katye Paquette on Facebook back in November 2010 and ever since then. I’ve always wanted to get her in front of my camera but with her located in Tulsa and myself in Oklahoma City. Our schedules always conflicted. The Eleven 3 Connections group started traveling to nearby cities. Tulsa being one of them.

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When the sun sets…the hottie comes out to play!

8 06 2011

This was part 2 for the Eleven 3 Connections, a fun shoot with the always energetic and beautiful Traci Lacek! It started out in the park that was also hosting a wedding this day. Traci had a huge audience! All gazing intently in our direction; obviously wondering who this beautiful model was putting on a modeling clinic??? It ended up at the lake, red mud, classic Oklahoma sunset and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the results! Here are a few pics from (soonerJH) and Subtle Shades Photography.

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Shannon_G, one beautiful lady!~

8 06 2011

Eleven 3 Connections was busy this past Sunday with a couple of great shoots, the first was with the very lovely Shannon_G, a very pretty and classy model that has a great distinct look!  Here are a few from (soonerJH) and a couple from Subtle Shades Photography of Shannon from our very fun shoot!

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Traci Lacek Shoot~

2 05 2011

What was supposed to be an outdoor shoot turned into a studio session with the lovely Traci Lacek. Yeah, the weather did not co-operate bringing a cold and blustery rainy day and forcing us indoors! But that didn’t stop us as a good time was had by all, Eleven3connections and Traci! The lovely Traci brought with her an assortment of outfits and an abundance of energy, combined with her great sense of humor and her professional attitude, made this a very fun and successful shoot! Here are some of my (soonerJH) shots of the session, check back as Allan and Brian will be adding more later!

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