“I want to Shoot up on that Roof”

29 08 2011

We had just finished up a shoot with Harley Quinn & the Joker and were running late to our on-location shoot with the lovely Jenna Johnson… We were suppose to meet her at the parking lot of the “Golden Dome” building, a famous landmark near 23rd and Classen. None of us had actually met Jenna before and as soon as I introduced myself she replied with “I want to shoot up there, on the roof!!!” Willing to do just about anything to get a great shot, we obliged her with the request for a quick session on the roof !

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Second-times a charm

23 06 2011

Subtle shades photo of Heather looking hot on mt. scott

As a habit, we try not to shoot at the same location within a short time frame. We believe that frequently shooting in the same location causes us to be complacent and miss creative opportunities. But in this case, we did it anyways. There was a model Heather Harper from Lawton that was interested in working with us but was not available on the 12th of June (see earlier post). So we went ahead and scheduled another shoot at the Wildlife Refuge a week later on the 19th of June. Read the rest of this entry »

the Lovely Leasle!

18 04 2011

Well, Eleven3connections was up to the usual yesterday, we gathered up all our equipment and headed across town on a beautiful morning for a shoot with the lovely Leasle! She brought an assortment of outfits and she was very energetic and ready to shoot! She was very patient as she waited for each of us to adjust to our individual styles. Here are some of my (soonerjh) shots taken during this very fun session, Brian and Allan will be adding more later, so please do check back!

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