A Tulsan Muse

28 08 2011

Subtle Shades photo of Katye

Normally when the Eleven 3 decides to make a model our group muse, there are certain characteristics we look for.

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French-Canadian & Italian

3 08 2011

Subtle Shades Photo of Jennifer Love

When you tell me someone is French-Canadian & Italian, I think of a person that is refined with proper etiquette, sexiness, and can tell me to go and “shove it” in such a way, I would believe it was pillow talk. Well…other than the pillow talk…we met such a beauty.

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LilyAvery – beauty in pose!

22 07 2011

Subtle Shades photo of Lisa in Home studio

All the way down from Tulsa, LilyAvery arrived with bright red hair and a set of beautiful eyes that can see straight through to the core of things. She is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

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Rose Gothique

18 07 2011

Subtle shades photo of Rose

Although she prefers lilies, Rose Gothique will always be a beautiful rose in the eyes of the Eleven 3. She is flexible with a dancer’s body, can do her own makeup and hair, and best of all her personality is to die for.

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Jasmine Skye

25 04 2011

Jasmine Skye is from Chicago, we had the pleasure of having her stop by for a delightful shoot on a Sunday evening! She was very energetic and made sure that all three of us photographers got different shots with completely different looks! She was totally professional in doing her job and she added a very nice sense of humor to add to the mix! Here are some of my (soonerjh) shots of the session:

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Aliens love us!

14 04 2011
Sexy model dress as alien in blue lingerie

Alien in blue

It finally arrived….the Alienbee B1600 Strobe from Paul C. Buff, within minutes, it was unwrapped, plugged-in, with modeling lamp shinning bright. I thought to my self. This thing is so powerful..there is no way this is getting used at full power inside my studio {living room}. I barely use my B800s at 3/4th power!

After a moment of thought, I slide the strobe power all the way to full. Figured I’m going to use it at least once. I reach up and push the test button. {Flash} Instantly I started to weave back and forth, temporarily dis-oriented. I shake off the confusion and what appeared in front of me was a bright opening. Read the rest of this entry »

Meredith Haleigh…revisited!

15 03 2011

Meredith Haleigh (Model Mayhem)is from Amarillo Texas, she was on a recent road trip Feb. 07 and we were lucky enough to have booked a shoot with her! She was a joy to work with, very professional, she came prepared, did her own makeup (she is also a MUA!) and brought various outfits that she modeled for us! Here is a look at some of Merediths shots that we came up with, enjoy!

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