LilyAvery – beauty in pose!

22 07 2011

Subtle Shades photo of Lisa in Home studio

All the way down from Tulsa, LilyAvery arrived with bright red hair and a set of beautiful eyes that can see straight through to the core of things. She is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

As a professional model, LilyAvery, stunned us with her ability to pose and her awareness of all her body parts. Every pose that she gave us looked as if a master craftsman positioned each limb. By the end of the shoot we had her laying down in contortionists positions and even climbing the walls.

Subtle shades photo of Lisa in the home studio

Although she brought plenty of outfits, there were a couple of shots that she was looking to add to her port. She described them to us and we immediately set up the studio to get her those shots. Afterwards, she let us experiment with different lighting setups.

With the Eleven 3 being composed of 3 different photographers, we were able to get her the shots she wanted plus a few from different perspectives.

Check out the images from the shoot!




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