Absolutely beautiful

17 03 2011

izabelle prizcilla in a sexy red dress looking down in subtle shades photography studio

I’m not a person who follows Greek mythology, but I love a good action movie that features those characters. I loved Clash of the titans, Troy, and Hercules. In those movies the female characters were always beautiful, fit, and had eyes that could melt the coldest hearts. I believe that I found one such person! Izabelle Prizcilla, Model Mayhem #1707332, She has all the characteristics that I would expect in a Greek goddess. She is built, has a beautiful complexion, sexy…I mean SEXY Egyptian brown eyes, and above all….she is beautiful!

Photographers if you have not taken the opportunity to photograph this Greek goddess…you are missing out!

This was the very first shoot that I shot with John, from SoonerJH Photography. I provided the studio and he provided the model. We tried different lighting techniques, setups, and she brought plenty outfits. It was an absolute blast to photograph her.

At Eleven3Connections we are always looking for model to photograph. We are professionals! We provide a safe and comfortable environment for indoor photography and we are able and willing to shoot at just about any outdoor location. You can find more details about us in the about section of this blog or you can visit our perspective Model Mayhem pages to see our work. Contact us and let’s collaborate on your next shoot.

Here are the pictures of the beautiful Izabelle:

Ah yes Allan, I think you about described her to a T! Izabellle was most enjoyable to work with and she is indeed very beautiful! I just wanted to add to the story: I had made plans for a shoot and the model who was supposed to show up texted me at about 11:40pm the night before and said she wasn’t going to be able to make it! “Oh well” I thought, I wasn’t going to waste valuable studio time so I immediately got onto Model Mayhem and sent out 5 different messages and just about the time when I had finished sending out the last one, I noticed that I had received one myself! “Too good to be true” I thought to myself, but when I looked at the message (from Izabelle) it said she would be happy to fill in for the time period the next day! Mind you this was well past midnight and the shoot started at 10:00am, sharp! She arrived early, never complained about a thing, did her own makeup and brought several changes of clothes and then she just posed for us looking very good, all the while, I was very impressed with her and I am anxious to shoot her again, perhaps outdoors, it would be my pleasure!

So you see Allan, she is sort of like the the heroine you described at the beginning, she came by and came to our rescue…this day! ๐Ÿ™‚




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18 03 2011
izabelle prizcilla

Allan..John.. You are most kind in your words here ๐Ÿ™‚ As much as you think it was a gift on your part to shoot with me, I feel the exact same about being able to shoot with you both!!! You made it so relaxed and comfortable, and offered ideas & critics in a way that I was able to immediately use them and see the lovely results that they brought. I thank John for making the decision to msg me so late at night that brought this all about in the first place! And I thank Allan for helping me step out a bit further into my role as a ‘useful’ model ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

I highly recommend both of these wonderful photographers to anyone who is wanting to be at ease and enjoy the enchanting process of developing the art of photography and modeling!

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