Native American Tradition

14 09 2011

Subtle shades photo of Camie

We met Camie Intosh during a network shoot at Lake Overhoser. Due to the heat and the number of photographers on site we did not get the opportunity to photograph her. So we set up a photo shoot! 🙂

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Shannon_G, one beautiful lady!~

8 06 2011

Eleven 3 Connections was busy this past Sunday with a couple of great shoots, the first was with the very lovely Shannon_G, a very pretty and classy model that has a great distinct look!  Here are a few from (soonerJH) and a couple from Subtle Shades Photography of Shannon from our very fun shoot!

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Leasle ~ the Bikini Shoot!

25 05 2011

Wow, what a great day it was! Aside from being a little bit on the windy side, it was a totally beautiful day for a bikini shoot with the ever lovely Leasle! Thanks S.I. for the inspiration! Enough of the talk, lets get to the pics! Read the rest of this entry »

Traci says…

2 05 2011

Traci Lacek is on Model Mayhem #2128294 and would be an asset to any photographer! We would definitely shoot with her anytime!

Behind the Scenes…with Leasle

26 04 2011

Wanted to show you what an Eleven3connections shoot was like! On this beautiful day we opted to use just an Alien Bees AB1600 strobe shot through a 22 inch beauty dish, just off camera right, with a speedlite to camera left for fill.

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the Lovely Leasle!

18 04 2011

Well, Eleven3connections was up to the usual yesterday, we gathered up all our equipment and headed across town on a beautiful morning for a shoot with the lovely Leasle! She brought an assortment of outfits and she was very energetic and ready to shoot! She was very patient as she waited for each of us to adjust to our individual styles. Here are some of my (soonerjh) shots taken during this very fun session, Brian and Allan will be adding more later, so please do check back!

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Aliens love us!

14 04 2011
Sexy model dress as alien in blue lingerie

Alien in blue

It finally arrived….the Alienbee B1600 Strobe from Paul C. Buff, within minutes, it was unwrapped, plugged-in, with modeling lamp shinning bright. I thought to my self. This thing is so powerful..there is no way this is getting used at full power inside my studio {living room}. I barely use my B800s at 3/4th power!

After a moment of thought, I slide the strobe power all the way to full. Figured I’m going to use it at least once. I reach up and push the test button. {Flash} Instantly I started to weave back and forth, temporarily dis-oriented. I shake off the confusion and what appeared in front of me was a bright opening. Read the rest of this entry »