The pursuit of beauty – Realistic retouch

30 05 2011

Subtle Shades Photo of leasle standing in lake enjoying the view

There are plenty of photographers that swear to Photoshop, it is part of their arsenal of editing programs. When used properly, it can enhance the beauty of an image. Then again there are those that hate it. They complain that its fake, it takes away from the image and too many photographer do not know how to use it properly. Both sides have pros and cons. I agree that getting the shot correct in camera is the earmarks of a professional and if you cannot get it correct in camera. You should be working on that instead of correcting images. Getting it correct in camera speeds up post processing and getting images back to the client faster.

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Behind the Scenes…with Leasle

26 04 2011

Wanted to show you what an Eleven3connections shoot was like! On this beautiful day we opted to use just an Alien Bees AB1600 strobe shot through a 22 inch beauty dish, just off camera right, with a speedlite to camera left for fill.

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Purple, Red & Black

4 03 2011

Michelle in sexy purple top and black slacks

Black & yellow, black & yellow, black & yellow….dang it, that song is just stuck in my head. Why anyone would publicize the fact that they finally learn two new colors is beyond me??? I was meaning to say Purple, Red & Black. Why…your asking?

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Brenna Recipko

3 03 2011

Dark haired woman sitting in chair

Brenna is a hottie! Browsing through Model Mayhem, I came across her portfolio. Click…{ah okay}, click {not too bad, lighting looks off}, click….{wow…! She has an Eastern European look!…huh!}. I really am intrigued by her look, nice hair and interesting facial structure. I think she would be a great addition to my port. A couple weeks of playing Facebook tag and finally…she’s book for a session.

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