French-Canadian & Italian

3 08 2011

Subtle Shades Photo of Jennifer Love

When you tell me someone is French-Canadian & Italian, I think of a person that is refined with proper etiquette, sexiness, and can tell me to go and “shove it” in such a way, I would believe it was pillow talk. Well…other than the pillow talk…we met such a beauty.

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Absolutely beautiful

17 03 2011

izabelle prizcilla in a sexy red dress looking down in subtle shades photography studio

I’m not a person who follows Greek mythology, but I love a good action movie that features those characters. I loved Clash of the titans, Troy, and Hercules. In those movies the female characters were always beautiful, fit, and had eyes that could melt the coldest hearts. I believe that I found one such person! Read the rest of this entry »