Three different people, three different views, three different styles..share our views, share our connections!

Why shoot with Eleven3Connections:
The Eleven3Connections group was created to take the experiences of three photographers and share their love of photography with the world. Photography is a very competitive environment and with it comes criticizing, undercutting, copying themes…etc..etc. “I don’t want to shoot that!”, “That’s played out, too many photographers have already shot that!” or “I have already shot that idea, everyone is wanting to shoot like me!” {lol…whatever!}

The Eleven3 group doesn’t care about that! We have a single pursuit of creating beautiful photographs. It’s about adding our creative touch to the shot.

Why shoot with the eleven3connections group? Why would anyone have 3 photographers in one place to take their picture? Here are the reasons:

“Kill two birds with one stone!”

Time: We are all busy! A typical model works, has a social life , family or significant other, and then they model.

Travel: How much gas do you spend meeting up with different photographers at different locations at different times? How about going to one location and using less gas. Gas is what…over $3 per gallon.

On-location/Studio: Working with different photographers, whether on location or in studio adds variety to your portfolio. You’re not going to add every photo to your portfolio. You are going to narrow it down to the best one.

If you want to do glamour shots or boudoir you can do so in confidence either here at the studio or at your location.

Benefits of shooting with us:

* Our clients safety is our number one priority
* Absolute professionalism
* Three times the number of possible portfolio shots
* Different shooting perspectives
* Different lighting techniques
* Unlimited number of outfit changes
* Shared goal of creating beautiful photographs
* Over 2 decades of combined photography experience

Who we are and the methods to contact us:
The photographers: John, Brian, and Allan. Three different photographers with different views, lighting techniques, and each with their own personal style of creating beautiful photographs. Follow the below links to check out their portfolios:

Allan Cich from Subtle Shades Photography LLC
John Hazelton, SoonerJH Photography
Brian Stidham, DropD Photography

Reason why you wouldn’t shoot with us:
As with everything else, there are some reasons why you would not be interested in working with us.

* {I can hear it now…”everyone will have the same shot!”, “the scenes are too similar!”…etc.etc.}, to an extent that will be true, but no one considers the differences in style and perspective. Take a look at the three photos below, the outfits are the same…but look at the differences.

Krystal Heather tipping her rainbow colored had

Krystal heather showing a small portion of her chest

Krystal Heather sitting on brown stool tipping rainbow hat

Did you notice the differences in shooting style, photographer’s perspective, and styles of retouch? That is what we offer…all in one place.

* Each photographer took turns photographing me in the same outfit. If only one photographer took the shot with you in a specific outfit, then you will only have that one shot. Multiple photographers mean you can choose the best photo out of that set to place in your portfolio.

* The photo session took almost four hours! Yes, the session was longer than normal, but with three photographers and changing different lighting setups between outfit changes it does take a little longer. You will have to weigh the benefits of working with us!

Reviews from past clients that has worked with the Eleven3Connections group.

Models that we have worked with:
* Christine Windsor, Model Mayhem #2015105, “You guys were SO great and fun to work with! I enjoyed the entire process and was able to completely be myself. I cannot wait to work with either one of you again!”
* Veronica Pemberton, “You guys made it relaxed :)”
* Izabelle Prizcilla, Model Mayhem #1707332, “I highly recommend both of these wonderful photographers to anyone who is wanting to be at ease and enjoy the enchanting process of developing the art of photography and modeling!”

*Krystal Heather, Model Mayhem #1269116, “I loved working with you guys! You were very hospitable and made me feel comfortable, were open to new ideas and made the shoot fun! I don’t think I’ve laughed that much on a shoot before.. I had never shot with more then one photographer before and was really nervous about it but by the end of the shoot it was just like hanging out with some old friends..

*Jasmine Toki, Model Mayhem #1667205, “Working with these three was a great deal of fun! They made it very comfortable and relaxed as well as helping me out with poses. I think they were all very professional but not too serious. I’d love to work with them any time. :)


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