Subtle Shades Photography LLC

Subtle Shades Photographer Allan Cich

I have been shooting photography for 9 years now. Started out doing nature and landscape photography. Shooting sunrises and sunsets has taught me to cherish the overall beauty of things. Although this type of photography teaches stillness and patients, I found that working with people has in itself another form of excitement…uniqueness and variety! I have enjoyed photographing people in portrait, fashion, event and fine art. I am very easy-going and fun to work with.

Photography is a hobby and business for me. I am always looking for models for various types of shoots from fantasy, goth, dark art, erotic, pin-up and fine art. I am flexible with my compensation and time. Like most photographers, I am willing to shoot anywhere. You can contact me through my website, Follow my ramblings on my blog, Friend me on Facebook, Follow my Tweets, or click-through my portfolio on Model Mayhem #1775201.

Models: Ports are very important and mine is always in constant update. My goal is to give any models their hottest images for their ports!!!

Everyone is unique and I’ll work with anyone that wants to create something beautiful.

TFP/TFCd rules: I still occasionally do TFP/TFCD, but I am very selective. Paid gigs take priority!

About Escorts: You are welcome to bring an escort to a shoot. This is fine, but they will stay in the other room during the session.

Thanks for visiting Eleven 3 Connections blog site and hope you have enjoyed the pics. Let’s work together to create something beautiful.

Models that I have had the pleasure of photographing:
Subtle Shades Photo of Katye
Katye Paquette, Mayhem #2004599

Veronica Pemberton

Jasmine Toki, Mayhem #1667205

Subtle Shades Photo of Jenny Fain
Jenny Fain, Mayhem #1685973

Leasle Crawford

Subtle Shades Photo of Ashley Rachelle
Ashley Rachelle, Mayhem #1369983

Shannon Green, Mayhem #1670051

Traci Lacek, Mayhem #2128294

DeAnne Samson

Heather Harper, Mayhem #1433680

Stefanie Davila, Mayhem #1688587

Subtle Shades Photo of Krystal
Krystal Heather, Mayhem #1269116

Tia Stovall, Mayhem #2005203

Subtle Shades Photo of Jem
JEM Mayhem #713507

Subtle Shades Photo of Brenna Recipko
Brenna Recipko Mayhem #2015105

Subtle Shades Photo of Meredith
Meredith Haleigh Mayhem #1331039

Subtle Shades Photo of Izabella
Izabelle Prizcilla Mayhem #1707332

Subtle Shades Photo of Skye
SkyeG Mayhem #1988506

Subtle Shades Photo of Erica Clark
Little Blue Eyes Mayhem #1922288

Subtle Shades Photo of Anne
Anne Alexandria Mayhem #1871075

Marine de Vachon Mayhem #1066486

Ryan Leigh Mayhem #511625

Subtle Shades Photo of Jessica Brody
Jessica Brody Mayhem #1916289

Micole Lynn Mayhem #37187

MUA/HS that I have worked with:
Natalie Gatano Mayhem #1421534
SD-MakeUp4everCosmetic (Stefanie Davila) Mayhem #1688587
Deandrea Daniels Mayhem #1712058


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