Hi there, my name is John!

I have been doing model photography for a few years now and I really enjoy working with the different models and getting a unique picture of them whether it be from a completely different pose and position or from the processing of the image! I love shooting outdoors on location and a recent upgrade in lighting equipment will now enable me to take the show on the road so to speak. However, this winter I did quite a bit of work in the studio (of Subtle Shades Photography) and I am also loving the different shots I am able to get with the various strobes and modifiers we have accumulated the past few months!

I love shooting more on the fashion side, with a bit a glam thrown in, it makes for some great shots! But I can and will shoot all other types also. Experimenting with the lighting is also very fun! I shoot with Nikon and Canon and have plenty of great lenses for both!

I started out model photography on Model Mayhem and continue to use it as a great source for getting models! If you ever need to check references, message any of the models I have worked with and they will give you a good reference, I am sure!

Working together with Subtle Shades and DropD Photography will definitely be refreshing because we are three individuals who have three different views yet ultimately the same goal, to capture that picture of you that will tell the tale… and be timeless!

If you would like to set up a shoot then message me at


and we can set something up soon!

Please, if we DO set up something, try and follow up and be on time and be ready! If you are NOT going to be able to make it, then please take a second of your time and let me know well in advance,  studio space is not free, neither are makeup artists, hair stylists and others who put their hard work into a shoot, to make YOU look good! My time is just as valuable to me as yours is to you, remember that, I really don’t care to hear the excuses, I just want to have the same professionalism that I extend to you. Also, IF we have decided to do a “TF” session and you do not show up  for it,  it will never be re-scheduled.

All models will be required to sign a ” model release/ permission to use picture” form, no exceptions.

Remember…it only takes a moment to capture your beauty…forever!~

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please visit any of my other links!


Credits, mostly from Model Mayhem:

Pamela Harjo #2137901 x2
Jay Lazarus #1926425 x2
Kayla Siders #2141130
Camie M (non MM)
Shila Negron (non MM)
LilyAvery #1883990
Manchester #371054
RoseGothique #2253431 x2
Katye Paquette #2004599 x3
Nettie R Harris #793764
Heather Harper #1433680 X2
XxXDe VineXxX #821717
Mary M (non MM)
Rachel N (non MM)
Jasmine N (non MM)
Traci Lacek #2128294  x3

Jasmine Skye #1316816
Leasle C. #2315398 x3
Susan D. (non mm)
Claudia Ricarrdi #1974044
Carlie Lawson #5851
Veronica P. (non MM)
Vaunt #881089
JEM #713507
Brenna Recipko #2015105
Meredith Haleigh #1331039  x2
SkyeG #1988506
Izabelle Prizcilla #1707332
Millie C. (non MM)
Erinn Walters #1036622
Kaitlynv #1480381*
Krystal Heather #1269116 x3!
Kelly KS #1038211*
Camencia  #820892*
Keira Grant #799498
Britt Larson #1680669*
Nat Camille #1720377*
Shannon G #1670051*
DeAndrea Daniels MUA #1712058 X6 (worked with *)
Nichole Lemons #837573
Harradise #1257792
Whitney Whitaker #1253907
K I C K H A M #735684
Raven Lewis #1665132
Stefanie Davila #774508
K A R E N #1624219
Jasmine Toki #1667205 x2!!!
Brianna Blasingame #1561067 x4 what a joy to work with!!! ++++
Brooke Kelty #1013172 x2!
CandaceMarie  #343716

Jasmine Skye


Susan, Claudia and Pamela


Vaunt #881089
Jem #713507
Brenna Recipko #2015105
Meredith Haleigh #1331039
Krystal Heather #1269116
Brooke Kelty #1013172
Erinn Walters #1036622
Keira Grant #799498
Krystal Heather #1269116
Kaitlynv #1480381
Britt Larson #1680669
Nichole Lemons #837573

Izabelle #1707332
SkyeG #1988506
Millie C. I C K H A M #735684 Kelty #1013172 #820892
Stefanie #774508
Karen #1624219

Jasmine #1667205

Candace #343716


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