“I want to Shoot up on that Roof”

29 08 2011

We had just finished up a shoot with Harley Quinn & the Joker and were running late to our on-location shoot with the lovely Jenna Johnson… We were suppose to meet her at the parking lot of the “Golden Dome” building, a famous landmark near 23rd and Classen. None of us had actually met Jenna before and as soon as I introduced myself she replied with “I want to shoot up there, on the roof!!!” Willing to do just about anything to get a great shot, we obliged her with the request for a quick session on the roof !

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Behind the Scenes…with Leasle

26 04 2011

Wanted to show you what an Eleven3connections shoot was like! On this beautiful day we opted to use just an Alien Bees AB1600 strobe shot through a 22 inch beauty dish, just off camera right, with a speedlite to camera left for fill.

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