Hispanic Haven

29 06 2011

Subtle Shades Photo of Stefanie Davila in the home studio

We’ve known Stefanie for a long time now…but she has always been seen to us as a makeup artist(MUA). I ran into her at the network shoot a couple of days ago and she was there as a model not a MUA. She has mentioned to me on numerous occasions that she models and would like to work with me…but I never thought about shooting her. {knocks fist to head several times} What was I thinking? I had access to the goddess of Latina descent and never photographed her! Someone please slap me! ….but not too hard..I bruise easily! 🙂

At the network shoot she posed a few times for me….you can see the images here! We had originally scheduled to photograph another model on the 26th of June, Stefanie was going to do the makeup for the model, but at the last minute the model cancelled on us. She thought something else was more important. 😦

Then a wonderful thing happened! {The clouds in the sky spread apart…and a light shined down upon us} John from Soonerjh, had an idea. Let’s photograph the MUA! After getting the okay from Stefanie and several high fives later! We had a wonderful shoot. Thank you Stefanie for coming to our rescue and being our model. You are wonderful and we look forward to getting a camera between us again.

Here are images from the shoot:




One response

30 06 2011

I love this thank you the images look great and it was such an honor to work with you! Great team Great photographers I love your creativity and Ideas and waiting patiently and anxiously to shoot again! HISPANIC HAVEN lol

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