Second-times a charm

23 06 2011

Subtle shades photo of Heather looking hot on mt. scott

As a habit, we try not to shoot at the same location within a short time frame. We believe that frequently shooting in the same location causes us to be complacent and miss creative opportunities. But in this case, we did it anyways. There was a model Heather Harper from Lawton that was interested in working with us but was not available on the 12th of June (see earlier post). So we went ahead and scheduled another shoot at the Wildlife Refuge a week later on the 19th of June.

This caused a few problems, Heather was free in the evening and we wanted to see if anyone was willing to shoot in the morning or early afternoon. Did not want to travel an hour and a half for a shoot and not fully utilize the time. So a casting on Model Mayhem was published.

This introduced us to Deanne Samson, which took the early afternoon, this left only the morning. After no responses I contacted one of my local muse, Traci Lacek and pitched the offer to her. She said yes!

It turned out to be a very full, hot, and very windy day! With all these challenges, it was still a wonderful day filled with continuous shooting and laughing. All three models were an absolute blast to work with and look forward to photographing them again.

Check out the images from that day!




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