Aliens love us!

14 04 2011

Sexy model dress as alien in blue lingerie

Alien in blue

It finally arrived….the Alienbee B1600 Strobe from Paul C. Buff, within minutes, it was unwrapped, plugged-in, with modeling lamp shinning bright. I thought to my self. This thing is so powerful..there is no way this is getting used at full power inside my studio {living room}. I barely use my B800s at 3/4th power!

After a moment of thought, I slide the strobe power all the way to full. Figured I’m going to use it at least once. I reach up and push the test button. {Flash} Instantly I started to weave back and forth, temporarily dis-oriented. I shake off the confusion and what appeared in front of me was a bright opening.

Like a small tear in the time-space continuum. {understand it too me several attempts to spell that correctly} I move toward the opening and leaned in close. What I saw brought the biggest smile to my face. Just as quickly as it opened, the portal closed. Rubbing my eyes, I questioned my sanity. This is my last semester at UCO, finals are right around the corner….did that really happen? Let’s see…I reach up and hit the test button again….flash…another portal. I peek through and see the same thing. This time I see creatures and they are looking back at me. I can faintly tell that they do resemble humans, at least in form, but very colorful! Oh snap…they look like women!….{voice deepens} I mean stacked like a brick house! 🙂

The portal again closes!

I have an idea! Off to the backroom, I grab a human anatomy book from the bookshelf. I reach up and push the test button once more, flash, dis-oriented weaving, and then open portal. They are still looking at me. I toss the book through the portal….before hitting the ground the book stopped in mid-air and levitated over to the full-figured human looking creature. Reaching for my camera…this is what I saw! Please note that this is completely made up, no humans were harmed in the making of these photos. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, for example Jenny is now called, “alien in blue”! 🙂

The model was Jenny Fain, Model Mayhem #1685973. The makeup was handled by, the very talented DeAndrea Daniels from Elegantly Finished Faces, Model Mayhem #1712058. Both freelance professionals available for hire. Visit their perspective website for contact information.




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