Trying out the AB1600, Jasmine Toki, Outdoors!

22 03 2011

Allan just recently got an Alien Bee AB1600 strobe that we wanted to try outdoors, so on Sunday, Eleven3connections packed it up along with a 22 inch Beauty dish, Vagabond 2 portable battery, stands, speedlites and various other stuff and headed out on our “test run”! The weather was absolutely beautiful, it started off in the mid 70’s and climbed a little higher as the day went on, the sun became scorching as the day rolled on and a couple of us had nice red sun burnt areas to prove it!

Modeling for us today was the lovely Jasmine Toki, who was very patient with us during our setups, hauling the stuff to another location, technical difficulties and such. She never complained one bit though and she was just so much fun to work with, giving us three photographers many different looks. Aside from a little too much wind blowing her hair around and a slight sunburn on her shoulders, she really enjoyed herself and said she would work with us anytime! Here are some of the shots from this session, with Brian and Allan to add pictures later, I am sure!

Drop D Photography added a couple of his shots of Jasmine Toki..  “She was so great to work with and as John said, she never complained one time…..Well maybe once, but that was due to walking with bare feet on the gravel on our journey thru the portal to another dimension that the AB1600 opened up when it fired.. 🙂 I would work with her any day of the week, very professional.”




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23 03 2011
Jasmine Toki

Working with these three was a great deal of fun! They made it very comfortable and relaxed as well as helping me out with poses. I think they were all very professional but not too serious. I’d love to work with them any time. 🙂
Jasmine Toki

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