Dropbox, online backup, file sync & storage (free!)

21 03 2011

Have you ever been in the position where you wished you had a file or picture but you didn’t bring your  flash disk?? There was just no way you could retrieve the information you needed until you got back home and on the computer…oh well. Now, there is a great way to have access to that information and best of all, it is free! All you have to do is download Dropbox and then you can access that info at any time, from any computer or from your smart phone! It is pretty easy, after you download and install the Dropbox files, you just copy whatever you want into the Dropbox folder. If you want to “share” a file then you can put it in a “public” folder so anyone can have access to it or you can just put it into a private folder and just you have access to it! They give you 2 gb on their free version so you should try it today, thats a bunch of photos you can keep in there or whatever paper you are working on in school or any application you may need! If you are at home and want to send someone a large file (such as for example a raw camera file, which can be anywhere from 5-6mb to 10-15 mb, it is no problem, you can copy the link, and send it to the person, they go to the link and start downloading the file, simple as that!

you can get it here :


There are other online backup programs out there but this is the one I have tried and it works fine!

Here is a video : http://www.dropbox.com/

and a youtube video that explains it well also:




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