Cougar on the loose

9 03 2011

Blonde with red thong

Just like a bottle of Chateau Lafite 1787, which can sell for about $160,000 dollars, some women get much better with age. Tia Stovall, myelitemodels, is one such woman. When she walked into my studio, I though to myself, “Why do I have the sudden urge to go Cougar hunting?” LOL. I initially had the plan of just trying some fashion and glamour portraiture, but couldn’t help myself. I discussed my idea with Tia and she just laughed and said she’s down with it. We decided that we are going to try some thing different. We are getting off the seamless background and shooting her in the kitchen.

But since this was only the second time that I’ve photographed Tia, I needed her to first warm up and get comfortable with me. So we did start on the seamless background paper. After a few outfits, we moved to lingerie. Here are some of the pics.

Blonde woman wearing red nascar outfit

Blonde wearing pink jersey and skirt

Blonde woman wearing baby blue doll outfit

After a couple of sets on the seamless, we moved into the kitchen. First we put a Nikon SB-28 speed light into the bottom cabinet for some creative lighting techniques. Then we did the same thing for the microwave…unfortunately I cannot post photos of the microwave as it reveals too much. 🙂

Blonde woman in bra and panty looking in cabinate

The last set was we stripped her down to her underwear and apron. We stuck an Alienbee B800 on the other side of the sink to simulate a window. After about a few shots we had the position of her body set that showed just enough to prove that she had a body but not too revealing. The last set we removed the apron and closed up the aperture to make it more mysterious.

Nude woman looking outside kitchen window

Nude blonde woman looking outside window

If you’re interested in modeling, you can contact me through Facebook, my website, or Model Mayhem. Book with us now, do not wait!




One response

9 03 2011

A very nice series of shots with Tia! Hopefully she will make a return engagement one day and we can put Eleven3connections to work!

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