Purple, Red & Black

4 03 2011

Michelle in sexy purple top and black slacks

Black & yellow, black & yellow, black & yellow….dang it, that song is just stuck in my head. Why anyone would publicize the fact that they finally learn two new colors is beyond me??? I was meaning to say Purple, Red & Black. Why…your asking?

These were the colors that Michelle brought to our photo shoot. If you have not visited my other blog site, subtle shades photography, get over there and see the Modern day Mercenaries that features Michelle and her husband. Yes, I brought her back and really requested that she amp up the sexiness with some different outfits. From our last shoot, she has grown accustomed to my wacky humor and out-going personality, so it was easy to jump right in and start getting fabulous shots from the start. I had so much fun photographing her.

She also brought over this red and black outfit….dang…you should have seen it. Short, skin-tight, and 10-levels of sexy. 🙂 Our shoot lasted about 2 hours. I really didn’t do many different setups this time around as her outfits were bright colored. I mainly kept her on seamless paper. Below you will find a diagram of the lighting setup. Just a typical high-key.

Lighting equipment used:
Alienbee B400 fired with Cactus wireless triggers
Medium 30″x40″ softbox
Alienbee B400 shot directly at background
Visico 400watt Strobe set to slave
Small softbox for fill

Camera equipment:
Olympus E-3 w/battery grip
14-40mm kit lens
ISO 100
F8 at 125th sec

Here are some of the photos from that session.

portrait of beautiful woman

sexy woman wearing red and black outfit

girl peeking out from behind sunglasses

sexy woman wearing a black and red outfit

beautiful woman laying on her stomach




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