Brenna Recipko

3 03 2011

Dark haired woman sitting in chair

Brenna is a hottie! Browsing through Model Mayhem, I came across her portfolio. Click…{ah okay}, click {not too bad, lighting looks off}, click….{wow…! She has an Eastern European look!…huh!}. I really am intrigued by her look, nice hair and interesting facial structure. I think she would be a great addition to my port. A couple weeks of playing Facebook tag and finally…she’s book for a session.

Frosty the snowman decides to pass through!
Nooooooo! Severe snow warning through-out the state of Oklahoma has us rescheduling, due to poor road conditions. So close but no cigar!

Another week and she contacts me again still interested. Of course, I would love to photograph you. But I have a friend, John (Soonerjh) stopping by my home studio to try out some different lighting setups this Sunday…would you like to model for us? She agreed.

She arrived prompt and was smiling from ear to ear. Great smile, very beautiful, and an absolutely wonderful personality. My camera took to her well! Like a pro…she changed her position after each flash, great facial expressions, aware of her body position, and was well prepared with several different outfits. An absolute pleasure to photograph.

John and I tried out several lighting setups. I have listed them below!


Visico 400watt strobe top left with red and orange gel. Medium softboxes to the left and right of camera. All on Savage white seamless background paper!


Lighting setup was simple. 107″ White seamless background paper! A Visico 400watt strobe, on a boom stand, to blow out the background. An Alienbee B400 with a blue gel added a rim light from the right, medium soft box front left of camera, and another soft box on the right for fill.

Photographs were taken with an Olympus E-3, with 14-40mm kit lens.

Sexy woman smiling with purple striped dress

Sexy woman looking upwards

Sexy woman sitting fine in old chair

Sexy woman biting the chain

Beautiful woman standing in blue




2 responses

11 03 2011
Brenna Recipko

You guys were SO great and fun to work with! I enjoyed the entire process and was able to completely be myself. I cannot wait to work with either one of you again!

11 03 2011

Thanks Brenna,
and you were also a joy to work with! John

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