Model Mayhem upgrades!!!

2 03 2011

Alright! Model Mayhem has announced that they are increasing the amount of photo slots for everyone! That is just fantastic news because under the current rules, new accounts could only upload 10 pics and I never felt like that was quite enough!  If you were one of the lucky ones that had an account before they changed to that rule, you were considered a “legacy” account which now would give you 30 pic slots!  Other things included in their new format is a slideshow, which makes it easier to view those large pic accounts! Life is good!

Here is the Model Mayhem Announcement from the site:

I am thrilled to announce that Model Mayhem is increasing the number of photo slots for everyone on MM!

Though all the trials this site has been through, you members have remained the core of what is great about MM.  We have put a ton of work into making the site better, and while you may not be able to notice many of the improvements, we want you to see some of the benefits immediately.  With the system we have built, we can better improve your MM experience, and more space for photos is just one of many improvements to come.

So here’s how many photo slots will be available to each tier:

VIP:  200
Premium:  75
Legacy:  30
Basic:  15

Thank you all for making Model Mayhem such a great community, and now go out and make some fantastic photographs to fill those photo slots!




2 responses

3 03 2011
Allan Cich

It’s about time that they did this, 10 photos as a beginner was a very limited amount. I hope they still continue to weed out the phone pic models. lol

Allan Cich
Subtle Shades Photography LLC
Facebook: Subtle shades photography
Model Mayhem:
Cell: 201-925-5152 (no txt)

3 03 2011

thats for sure Allan, there is a few, maybe a couple of those cell pics that are just ok, thats about it!

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