Codi Walach in the country.

1 03 2011

Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball, and that adage is all too true when you are doing a photo shoot. Case in point my recent shoot with Codi.

After Codi drove her (BABY) a 1973 purple bug 1 hour from Oklahoma City and her GPS getting her lost, the pressure was ON for me to help create a great shoot . After all the trouble she had getting here, she was an absolute dream to shoot, she was very professional and fun handing out poses like no ones business.
The initial idea for the shoot was to have Codi pose in her sexy spandex cat suit (which is very form fitting to say the least)  in a good way of course, but due to location limitations we decided to go with an open pasture and run down cattle chute while posing in her white knit dress. Being that it was just the two of us outside on a windy Oklahoma day, I opted to use a bare single flash gun as fill and mostly natural light for the remaining shoot and the rest is history. We were both very pleased with the outcome of the shoot considering it wasn’t at all what we had envisioned in the beginning. We’ll have to try that cat-suit out again very soon 🙂




One response

2 03 2011

the catsuit definitely sounds like a good idea! she has a great look!

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