Lingerie Extravaganza

26 02 2011

Asian woman on all fours

So what do you do? Four beautiful and hot sexy women, all wearing lingerie and willing to…..pose! That’s right you pull it out (your camera, dirty minded people!) and start snapping away! Click…click……8Gigs later, my hair has fallen {running fingers through hair}, my index finger is tender, my legs are tight from squatting up and down, and my battery is about dead. What a wonderful night! I could never think of anything better to do then to photograph women in lingerie…of course there is the XXX stuff. Nah…this is much more fun.

The models present were, Melissa Whitener, Heather Radford, Kacilla Nicole, and Kylie Hunter. As much as I would like to think that I had them all to myself, unfortunately I had to share them with 7 other photographers. It was a glamour group shoot. The location was OHSpace, located downtown Oklahoma City. Everyone of the photographer brought their own strobe setup. I brought a Alien B400 with 30″-40″ Medium softbox. Below are a couple of photos from the shoot. Since we were on a limited time frame with each model, I did not take the time to write down the lighting setups for each one. So for this one, I’m just going to list the equipment. For the next one, I’ll provide a diagram.

Olympus E-3
14-40mm Kit lens
Alienbee B400 Strobe
Medium Softbox 30″x40″

Enough yacking…here are the pics:

Hot girl standing in red corset

Blonde girl with tail in air

Blonde with purple babydoll outfit

Asian woman on all fours

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